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The new single from the singer-songwriter SIRA

The game of love, has always created that confusion in the mind.
A look that makes you dizzy, feels like you're on cloud nine; the desire not to lose the height; the thrill that makes everything so exciting, almost magical surreal... and at the same time, there is the fear of falling, if you are rejected.
"I wanted to describe the irrational love - said Sira - the love that creates extremely happiness without warning and without reason. You know when it arrives, but cannot know how long it will last.
In the meantime, you live in a "purple haze" that clouds your mind. You must live it to the end, because love is an open game, to be played until the last refrain."
The Video of Cloud 9" directed by Fabio Abecassis, represents a state of mind; a state of euphoria and positivity that love has the power to generate in Sira, and in general, in all of us. The dancer, through her free and original movements, almost wanting to float in the air, embodies the mood of the artist.

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